Woody from #RidingWithWoody and @seattime uses the Dango Design Gripper Mount to get some great footage. Check out these beauties.

Seat Time was originally an offroad webshow from 2011 through 2017, doing offroad podcasts before the internet had memes and social influencers. These days, it’s living the #MotoVanLife while riding and racing with the family.

We’re currently the place on the internet where Cool Sh!T on Dirt Bikes happens. We post our offroad adventures to YouTube, “do it for the ‘gram’” and strangely still on Facebook. Best of all, we use the #GripperMount for all the sick shots bra 🤙🏻.

This one was done completely with a GoPro Hero7 and the Dango Design Gripper Mount. Even when off the helmet, it makes it easy to hold and position to get some selfie style footage talking to camera.

2019 Cajun Classic National Enduro | 4th Place in 40+ Expert

A lap kicking ass and taking names.

Starting to Feel Aggressive Again while Racing | Santo TCCRA

This is just a fun one of Cole K from Gnarly Routes passing me every damn test…

Getting passed by Cole Kirkpatrick | Sandwinder Enduro