We got a great email this week from our friends over at UTV Sports Magazine. Here are some highlights and after that some UTV Sports Magazine content, including a review of the Gripper Mount.

Subject: Gripper Mount Is AWESOME

Hey Dan!

I should’ve gotten these links to you much sooner, but I want to thank you for the Gripper Mounts as they have been an incredibly valuable tool for us since we’ve been getting pretty heavy into video.

… we will be shooting a 108 minute doc-style feature film for the Amazon channel at our Trail Hero SXS Rally, Oct. 1-5, so we’ll need to order 4 or 5 more Gripper Mounts to be used for that production. Thanks again building such a rad product…!

Brandon Bunch

UTV Sports Magazine – September 2018

UTV Sports Magazine

September 2018

Dango Design GoPro Gripper Mount

With the Dango Design’s Gripper Mount, there’s no need to buy a different camera clamp for each vehicle or use bulky mounting hardware and sticky mounts that leave residue on your equipment. Gripper jaws clamp to irregular shapes and slippery surfaces, such as your helmet, handlebars, or your vehicle.

Slim yet durable construction allows the Gripper Mount to slip effortlessly into tight situations. This mount is compatible with all GoPro models and servers many purposes throughout your adventures. Use it as a quick-attach fixed camera mount, a handheld stabilizer, or a mini tripod. You can easily unmount and move the mount as many times as it takes to find the best perspective. Then simply use the quick-adjust camera mount with 2-axis rotation to line up the perfect angle to capture your action shot!

UTV Sports Magazine – February 2019

UTV Sports Magazine

February 2019

Tech Time

While it may be possible, I wouldn’t recommend ripping down the trails with the steering wheel in one hand and a GoPro in the other. Camera mounting is a must to get the right shot, but sticking the adhesive mounts all over a car or on my helmet is less than ideal. Luckily there are many companies that sell all kinds of less permanent mounting options, including two that have come in handy for me on multiple occasions.

Two of my personal favorites are the Dango Design Gripper Mount and the KW Machine Works Billet Adjustable GoPro Mount. The Dango Design mount is fondly referred to as the “chip clip” around the office, as it does look like a big beefy chip clip, but it one of the most universally useful camera mounts I’ve ever used. The spring clamp design is powerful enough to hang onto the chinbar of a helmet through hard impacts, but easily can be quickly handed off to a friend on the fly. It’s compact form allows clipped onto a pocket for hiking around, yet big enough to be used as a sturdy handle for hand held filming. It’s my only choice for POV driving shots, and then onto random items found trailside to capture quick fly-by shots.

UTV Sports Magazine – August 2019

Coming Soon from UTV Sports Magazine

One of the perks of providing a great product to a great team like UTV Sports Magazine is sometimes they let us know about new stuff early. Check this out.

“This is the Trailer for “OFF SEASONS” the first episode that will be uploaded to UTV Sports, our new channel on The Off-Road Network at Amazon Prime Video. (Full episode should launch by the end of this month.)”