As a power sports product design and development consulting firm, we have the flexibility to step in at any stage of the product development process to provide the services you need to take your idea from concept to prototype to test drive. Power sports enthusiasts as well as product design experts, our process prioritizes innovation, performance, and quality to ensure your product is up for any adventure.


Product Design & Development

You have an idea. We have the expertise to make it happen. No matter where you are in the product development process – whether you’re developing an accelerator pedal or a complete vehicle – our team can step in to provide the innovative, cost-effective solutions needed to turn your idea into a reality. Using CAD and CGI technology, we’ll generate 3D models and prototypes, overcome design challenges, and engineer a roadmap to final production.

Custom Vehicle Development

Do you have a concept brewing for a part or vehicle that will take you on your next wild ride? Our team works with individuals to create and build custom vehicle prototypes. We’ll collaborate with you to find a way to make your crazy idea a reality, using CAD modeling to refine and solidify the concept into a workable machine. Built by engineering, fueled by passion.

Contract CAD Design

Whether you need an additional team member to assist on a large project or specialists to supplement your small in-house team, Dango’s product designers can lend their services on a contract basis to help take your idea from concept to market. Our experts will seamlessly integrate with your team so that the process of bringing them up to speed is zero-to-sixty.

Product Manufacturing

We know the powersports industry inside and out, so when you’re ready to hit accelerate on a new product line, we can help you manage the transition from prototyping to production. We’ll connect you with the right manufacturers to put your product on the road (or off). Wherever your adventure takes you, we’ll help find a way to get you there.


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